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Abstract Artimus / Press

““Destitute In Vestibule” is off the charts cool, and one of the songs of the year, in my book. And for the adult-alternative radio crowd, “Anger and Envy” is suave, White-boy bluesy like The Black Keys. There’s a loose groove to all of this that stays in place throughout the entire album, despite the fact that every song takes on a different sound. The one other notable comparison that jumped out is the underground duo called The Medea Connection, known primarily for one song, “Black Soul of a New Machine.” That song feels like a disconnected touchstone for this album. AA has a knack for cranking out grumbly but engaging tunes of gritty, existential angst, and no one else is doing this kind of thing any better right now. Rite of passage, indeed. This album should become a staple on college radio, but in this absurdly fickle world we live in, who knows?”

“There are a lot of bands in the world...let's be honest, there are way too many fucking bands in the world. My instincts are usually to wish most of them to the cornfield, but my much more rarely utilized impulse is to wish some brilliant act was better able to claw its way to the top of the body heap. This thrilling boogie future punk soul rock n roll dude and his morphing magic act stands out as one of my faves and I can't believe nobody is onto this juju music yet. This single is testament to the terror wreakable by this powerhouse. If Abstract Artimus plays your town that gig is one AA meeting you wan't want to miss!”

“Abstract Artimus is here with the album Rite of Passage, its ten songs that’ll get you through your day (or night). They blend southern rock, 70′s rock and hard rock perfectly into one music style. It’s like you’re listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple at the same time. These songs really give you that in mind experience, it’s like the soundtrack to that party were you’ve had too much to drink and have smoked some weed. The great thing about this though, is unlike most music that I’d fit into something like that is it’s not disorganized and scattered, you can tell time was put into making these songs. They have a solid base and everything is right in its place to make perfectly structured songs, ten times in a row. I’d recommend this to anyone into 70′s rock, this is the best example of it I’ve heard in a long time, and its obvious Abstract Artimus has a lot of talent and will be putting out quality music for a while to come.”

“On September 6, Abstract Artimus is releasing Rite Of Passage on its Dire Life label. Abstract Artimus is NYC-by-way-of-Florida musician Artimus Alexander Pace, the son of a onetime drummer for the Jimmie Van Zant Band. Pace (ex-Fry Cook) recorded and produced the 10-track Rite Of Passage in his Manhattan apartment, playing all the instruments himself. We are proud to debut the video for album track “Quitter’s Face” today on magnetmagazine.com”

“While he was in utero, Artimus Pace’s parents lived in the Jimmie Van Zant Band’s rehearsal space. Watching Pace now, screaming and frothing in this dim bar, it’s not hard to believe that southern rock is in his blood. After three songs, the bartender kicks the band out..it’s too loud for a Monday. Pace takes it in stride and works the room before leaving with his band. “Abstract Artimus is the embodiment of me if I was in the Manson Family. That’s Abstract Artimus, my crazy side,” says Pace, a grin just visible through his biblical beard. Abstract Artimus has been Pace’s stage name since he moved to Manhattan from Mobile, Ala., four years ago. He began his career solo, but, craving the cohesion of a band, soon began the search for musicians to join him. “I’ve been going through people like socks in the past couple years,” says Pace. “I need someone like me, someone with a punk attitude that’s not afraid to eat bologna for a month straight”

“Nach dem "Quitter's Face"-Video und diesem furiosen Riff, stellt die bärtige Ein-Mann-Band Abstract Artimus seinen Soul-Stoner-Rock in Debütalbumlänge ins Netz. Dank des hinreißenden Riffs blieb uns hier kaum eine andere Wahl, als das Video zu "Quitter's Face" immer und immer wieder zu hören. Die wenig abwechslungsreiche und trotzdem unterhaltsame Dauerrotation kann mittlerweile vom bereitstehenden Albumstream abgelöst werden. Alle zehn Tracks seines am 6. September in den USA veröffentlichten Debütalbums "Rite Of Passage" hat Abstract Artimus zum Online-Hören freigegeben. Der 28-jährige Artimus Alexander Pace hat alle Instrumente eigenhändig eingespielt und das Album in seinem Apartment in Manhattan aufgenommen. Der hausgemachte Charme steht den souligen Stoner-Rock-Songs ebenso gut, wie ihrem Schöpfer der Bart.”

“Abstract Artimus ain’t no quitter. If anything, he’s a rock’n’roll lifer and workaholic, evidenced by years of constant writing, recording, and touring. His new single, “Quitter’s Face,” is his latest iteration of a consistently idiosyncratic mix of punk rock perseverance, Southern boogie blues, garage-soul vocals, and experimental estrangement. “Nobody wants to see a quitter’s face,” he exclaims in the chorus, another of his mantras, referencing his own relentless pursuit of rock’n’roll transcendence. The song has an anxiously propulsive sound until the sequence of solos that jump exquisitely into oddball psych territory. It’s compelling and rockin. Artemis’ new album, Rite of Passage, will be out on September 6 and is available for advance purchase on his Bandcamp page. If his latest offering is anything like the last two (also available for free on his Bandcamp page) then expect more bizarro garage country shenanigans, more prog-post-proto punk”

“If you’re looking for some new catchy garage rock tunes check out Abstract Artimus! Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Artimus moved to New York several years back and has been wreckin’ shop since.”