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“MEMetalHead Verdict: An album worth listening to any day. Topped the Reverbenation Charts, the first real East African Metal Ensemble, what more can we say? It will leave you dazed and wanting to discover more about Vedic scripture.”

“Vyom Chakra is what every Hardcore Metal Fan desires: a totally “headbang-able” compilation of insane music that could drive one to the bounds of eccentricity, that could send a jolt up the spinal cord and engage the listener in a world of high voltage metal.”

“I admit, the fact that this band is from Kenya is what initially piqued my interest. But while we get tons of submissions from all corners of the globe that aren’t well-known for their metal scenes, Absence Of Light have something really good happening. Nile’s death metal aesthetic meets Behemoth’s blackened intensity.”

“Most of the time when I decide to check out random new bands added to Metal Archives, and they happen to be labelled Melodeath, I end up hearing a poor imitation of old In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, etc. Much to my surprise though, I sometimes run across something special. This band is one of those rare cases.”

“Check out the free 5-track version at least, especially if you like Nile, or even Behemoth.”

“While this EP is rather short at only 15 and a half minutes, you'll find yourself listening to it more than once in a sitting, because the music has enough depth and character to warrant it.”

“With their debut release, Vyom Chakra (a Sanskrit word for “never ending sky” or “cycle”), Absence Of Light join the ranks of Bile of Man, Mind Assault and A Walk With the Wicked who also released death metal EPs earlier this year. A trio of Indians located in Kenya, the band has existed for two years and up until now has been fairly quiet outside of their own country. Now, on 11-11-11, they unleash their music to the rest of the world and what a ride it is!”

“The energy and viciousness behind Absence Of Light‘s debut release bodes well for the band in the African and global metal arenas! Vyom Chakra is a solid piece of death metal and is definitely worth checking out if you like your music fast, loud, dark and extreme!”