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“Wats Good Fam... I'm Here To Let You All Kno That I Am Very Thankfull For Your Support... Now That I've Reached 1k Fans I Can Now Began To Share More Projects And Music With You All.... With That Being Said Shear Myp Page And Also Get Ready For A Lot Of New Singles Dropping This Month... & "MTM3" Is Onnnn The Way Soon #Tone”

Tone Baltimore - Reached 1k

“R.I.P Trayvon Martin "We must continue to fight for justice for our children, our race. Just take a look at your facebook and twitter timelines to witness that this injustice angered the African American community. In an effort to show support and seeking justice for Trayvon Martin, I'm Willing to take a stand and joining the #MillionHoodies movement. Kelson started it off earlier this week and we will continue to fight for justice for Trayvon Martin. Join Us.......... N Help Fight For Justice #ToneBaltimore #BearArmz #MillionHoodies”

“Tone Baltimore a.k.a More Than Music. This is the beginning of a worldwide movement. tone has been crushing the game this year independantly without dropping a album this year. Tone Has managed to put out varieties of music. Showing his flexability in the game.”

Dawyne L. - Tone Baltimore- Baltimore Sun

“Getting Faced Mix-Tape comming soon”

Bear Arm'z Ent - Tone Baltimore

“Team Bear Arm'z Time to make a change for Baltimore & The Rest Of The World. It's up to you to help out!!!!!!! #MillonHoodies #BearArmz #ToneBaltimore”

Tone Baltimore - Let's Make A Change For Our Youngins Around The World