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Tivoli Skye / Press

“What is UR favorite part of creating music or performing?..honestly the whole thing! When U write something, that in itself has so much meaning..so emotionally it's such an esssential part of not only the writing process but the delivery of the performance as well..it's about showing who U R & translating it into something people can relate 2. There isn't one part of music that I don't enjoy,if there was it wouldn't be my passion.Where do U get UR inspiration from? Everything under the correct circumstances,which I can't really pinpoint because when something pops into my head its always @ the most random moment of course..love is the connecting factor 4 everything in my music.What is making music 2 U ?..is a release 4 me. It's..my only real way of communicating.Sure we can use words & get the point across but sound is what brings the words life & give emotion!..Highlights of past year?..quite eventful! moved to Cali. 2 complete.. video"I am Yours"..finished album Day Dreamer..dropped”

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"Promise"by Tivoli Skye just hit the top spot on our Top 20 for the Month of November.It is a catchy,well produced Poop song by a talented singer/songwriter who was only 16 at the time of it's recording. This stripped down live performance of " Promise" leaves no doubt as to why Tivoli Skye consistently tops our WOS charts. Her performance captured here at the Lovin'Cup is spot on & clearly a hit with the audience. The arrangement,with it's harmonies & a cappella breaks,is inspired. Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea & spend 5 minutes inthe coffeehouse with Tivoli Skye.

“Tivoli Skyes big summer."The...grad is winning awards,recording an album,& standing up 4 victims of bullying" Tivoli Skye is on a roll.The 18 yr old singer/songwriter recently returned from a trip 2 California.She had gone 2 the Golden State 4 the Indie Music Channel Awards,where she was nominated 14 times in 12 different categories. When she go back 2 her home..she brought with her the Awards 4 Best Alternative recording "Don't Make me wait",Best Teen Alternative Artist "Break Me", Best Easy Listening Demo"Painted Glass",Best Demo of the year Awards. Her music will b in cluded in the IMC Best of 2013 Awards compilation cd,which will b sent 2 producers,managers,radiostations,& more..she's been working on a new album"Day Dreamer,"that she hopes 2 complete this summer.She saw the California trip as an oppportunity 2 film a music video..She isn't only earning recognition through her music..spokesperson Karen Klein Found.,Got Dreams Award,Upstanders Scholarship MIss NY ,Do the right thing”

“Seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter Tivoli Skye writes even in her sleep...So it's clear the music comes easy.But Skye,who is entering her senior year @ ..this fall has had another struggle to overcome being bullied. Four years ago. during the summer before entering ninth grade, Skye said she was physically bullied by a group of girls from a previous school. And that's when she started thinking differently about her music.."I Thought, I have to do something, I can't just let this go & let people continue to get hurt," she said."It's just horrible to think about- that kids can B so brutal & so disrespectul 2 themselves and to others."..she got more encouragement after her performance @ the conf. in Wash. DC w/ record labels Atlantic, Def jam who were listening in.After...a few music executives,they encouraged Skye 2 find a way to connect 2 her audience & the anti bullying cause was a good way 2 do so-(She'd played"I Don't Care"-& they wanted background on it)"Stand up & Stand Out"”

“Tivoli Skye's songs exude encouragement ..Now,Skye..is receiving..encouragement ..scholarship from Miss NY.The 17 yr. old..playing music since..barely old enough 2 climb..Her songs..played..radio locally/around the world..released three albums..Skye's organized & participated in rallies..2 shine a light/offer hope.."I've had some issues w/bullying in school & ..seen..people be bullied..trying 2 change..way people C others..."That crusade put Skye in contact w/Kaitlin Monte/Miss NY.. Monte..invited Skye..2 Staten Island..& surprised..with a 1,000 scholarship..recognition..positive songs."She told me..stories about her personal journey w/bullying & experiences..It became clear..this was a girl who had been victimized..instead of folding under..pressure chose 2 use her abilities..music,2 become a giving person & help others." "I don't..just want 2 play music..I want 2 talk about it..People deserve 2 B treated well & have a positive life."”

“- Singer/songwriter Performs Sat.- Tivoli Skye is a seventeen yr. old singer/songwriter form Pittsford. She began playing out @ venues at age 11. She has participated in many talent shows acrross the state and country, including Minnesotta, Washington DC and Massachusettes. Tuivoli has won praise and awards for her songwriting including the Directors Award in Nashville Paramount Songwriters competition in 2011. and just this Apri , she took home the award for the Best Teen Demo at the Indie Misic channels awards in Hollywood callifornia! She had five nominations for the Indie Music 's first annual awards. She ahs released albums and will have her CD's available. She performs on Saturday starting at 4 pm. Thank you Verizon Wireless Zone for sponsoring this performance.”

Potsdam Sumerfestival 2012 pg 9

“Video on llink "Henrietta Teen Wins First Miss NY Anti Bullying Scholarship-" A Henrietta teen is being recognized for her anti bullying efforts. Tivoli Skye is the first to receiver the Miss New York Anti Bullying scholarship. " I just feel lke now a lot of kids are going to step up and say this isn't really cool and start their own thing which woudl be great," Skye siad. The Henrietta teen now has 1,000 to help her pay for college. The sooon to be Rush Henrietta Senior says she's homored to receiver the award especially after eing a victim of bullying herself. Skye says she was shocked when she was called up to the stage during the Miss New York Pageant to ereceive the scholarship. The teen didnn't even know she was a nominee. Tivoli Skye 's songs about being a teen and anti bullying can be found on Youtube and her website. The teen hopes to attend the University of Rochester after high school graduation.”

"Tivoli Skye may only be 16..but has been deeply involved in music for a decade..Tivoli has served her apprenticeship & has that extra creative spark, determination & drive to push herself to further success..Having supportive & encourageing parents has undoubtedly been a major factor..with a musical CV that incl. 2 alb.& an EP,numberous live appearances & videos avail. on-line..she was 1 of 20 selected from 15,000,to appear@a major event in the MOA in the twin cities,Minn.."Stand up & stand out"..highlight the anti bullying message that she is keen to promote..her music is certainly a world away.."Adventures of a Teenage LIfe"..Pop @ it's purest-lovingly written & performed by a very talented young lady.No espousing..self centered pleasure seeking. peppered with thinly veiled ref. to sexual activity.Tivoli seeks to promote family centered..ideals..the video for Promise emphasizes this ethos..each track (EP)has its own distinctive sound..obvious determination emenates/ grounded/astute.

“Tivoli Skye has a presence in her music that is different from the rest.All day long you can turn on the radio & hear song after song playing. Each artist sounding the same as the last.Once in a great while you get a voice, a sound, an energy that makes you really stop & listen.The break in redundancy grabs& forces attention. Tivoli Skye has the power to captivate & really entertain..Today's music world is full of highlly marketed artists that lack ability and talent. Take away dancers,fireworks, & other special effects, & many of todays artists just do not stand alone on their talents. Tivoli Skye can captivate an audience w/ guitar,microphone & stool. Her talents alone is all she needs. If you want to add all the special effects well I guess that is just a little more to the show, but a true talent like Tivoli can stand alone. With Tivoli's talents and support from family,friends,& fans-Tivoli will be a household name in our future! Good Luck Tivoli Skye, we are all here for you!”

"Adventures of a Teenage Life" Tivoli Skye,only just 16.. new EP drops this month- pretty in a warm contralto...she strings.. thoughtful, unconventional, and imaginative chord progressions..Her songs are plaintive and sweet and engaging.. It's Skye's guts and her willingness to bare her soul that really make you take notice... teen years, it's an age of precarious wonder, pressure, and curiosity. You don't necessarily equate being a teenager with fearlessness...excellent collection-The music has to-and does-stand on it's own. Skye stepped into Mark Baders studio.. emerged with a gem of a pop-rock collection. Her creamy voice/songs/ still there..all sparkles with a keen pop veneer-The difference- is the experience behind them."The burden of musically and lyrically interpreting life around her doesn't seem to get her down-And perhaps her songwriter's intuition and insight helps in the rough spots,making the adventures of a teenage life easier.