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The Vx / Press

“Vibrant Houston-based independent recording artists, The Vx, are undoubtedly one of the hardest working duos in the industry. Born and raised in Texas, both members of this dynamic duo have been singing and dancing since childhood. Completely out of the box, Duece “The Green-Eyed Munsta” and Yiego “The Clean-Cut Kid” have a style that is uniquely their own. Just like their image at times, their music is also innovative and filled with enchanting elements of storytelling and humor.”

“At least that What VX has done in their latest video of the Hot Single, "She Can Get It". The long anticipated video for the single has finally hit the net. When I first heard the single, I was amazed at the fact that these cats were from the city I was from, Houston. I met them a few years ago, doing a showcase where I was a judge of. These dudes ripped the stage. As time passed we crossed paths again via Facebook and Mz Fee aka Felisha Ener of 96.1, a local radio station in Acres Homes. She had sent me a few songs from the duo, and said for me to check these guys out, not knowing these were same cats I had met at the talent showcase I previously stated.”

“The dynamic duo known as “The VX” has been resting in the Houston, TX underground scene, waiting for their moment to break down the doors to the music industry. Duece and Yiego make up both halfʼs of this soon to be, high in demand, international duo. Itʼs hard to categorize the uncontrollable sound, and style that The VX delivers. Thereʼs no place in the underground scene for these mainstream trendsetters. No border will be able to stop this movement; thereʼs not even any hope that they could be contained. After enjoying the eargasm that you will definitely get from listening to them, it will come as no surprise that there was influence from artist like Jodeci, The Temptations, Frankie Lymon, Prince, and many others who have paved the way for these young lyrical cannons. Other than being innately talented they perfected their craft by opening shows for Trey Songz, J. Holiday, Ciara, Tank, Day 26, Paul Wall, and John Legend to name a few.”

“How did you get your big break? Duece: We created it. We surrounded ourselves with people that believed in us as much as we did. We did and are doing for ourselves what a major label would do anyway. It’s the same process. We just have to work harder when the budget is smaller. But I say why not invest my money into my dream. How do you describe your musical style? Yiego: We call our music Raw’n B music, which is basically diary music. People are the most raw and real when they’re writing in their diaries or journals. We just say it out loud. Our debut album is called Puppets. We’ve gotten the comment that if you mix the Thriller album and the Purple Rain album, you get our Puppets album, which is the scariest thing we’ve ever heard in our life. Those are some impossible shoes to fill.”