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"Wow! This is epic, outstanding material, outstanding music, songs & vocals, you are very gifted & talented artists, absolutely amazing! God Bless you! Keep up the truly wonderful work! Stunning performances! Awesome! My very best wishes to you from England Rob." Robert Steven Hunt / Reading, United Kingdom


“You are amazing... might as well embrace it! :-)”

Fred Johnson - FACEBOOK

“DRINK THE SAND Love this music...it's very soul touching. Makes you wanna cry but you aren't quite sure what you're crying about.. because it encompasses 20 things you may have going wrong at the same time...Ahhh life... All you know Is that it tugs on a heart string.. :) keep it up!”

Samantha Serrano - FACEBOOK

"I'm really diggin' "Riding The Ocean Wave".

ANTI-POLITICAL NONSENSE BUFFER - Experimental / Underground / Prog-Hop - Reverbnation

"Awesome style! Diggin your tracks a lot!" - Mat

"I love all your songs...RAIN is my favorite, you're amazing! "

LAURA B - Indie / Pop / Country - Salt Lake City, UT - REVERBNATION

"Amazing music trust me"

PROMIZE - Alternative / Greenfield, Ma. - REVERBNATION

"I believe this band deserves the number 1 position!...Ohm- you are a legend bro!"

Highroad No. 28- Alternative/Electronica Artist-Sydney, Australia - REVERBNATION

"Very moved by you're music! What a great sound that takes you on a journey, one that's not forgotten...one that you must go on time and time again, "Stay As You Are" and continue to make music that will move our souls. Thank you a bunch! - Rochelle

"A seemingly never-ending rush of epiphone flows from David Michael and Sees The Day. The Spring and The Well are good here." -mh

Mike Henry - Electronica / Jazz / New Age - Big Spring, TX - REVERBNATION

“Great music. Haunting quality. Great Radiohead covers ! ”

Chrissy McAnaney - Jazz / Soul / Alternative/Dance/ Rock - REVERBNATION

"One must pay attention to keep up with Sees The Day output, but the new songs as of 6/6/11 are great! "Smell of Fear" is very tribal, and "For What It's Worth" is another fine example of David Michael's world class songwriting and vocals."

MIKE HENRY - Electronica/Dance / Jazz / New Age - Big Spring, TX - REVERBNATION

"Spinning 'For What It's Worth' now. You are one of the finest artists I have enjoyed in awhile!! happy new fan. love & respect * Patricia :)

ECOLOGYNGLE - Other / PiPoP/New Rage - Fan Pompano Beach, FL - REVERBNATION

"Hey you guys are awesome."


"I was listening to your music, and I have to say you are good..."

SMILING SPIRIT - Reverbnation/ Winnipeg, MB, CA - REVERBNATION

"I love your music so much!!! Thank-you for sharing your talent with all of us!!!"

ROCHELLE - Electronica/Dance - North Vancouver, BC, CA - REVERBNATION

"Quite brilliant esp Rain"

ANDREW AUSTIN - Jazz / Other / Electronica - Essex, UK - REVERBNATION

"Absolutely, indescribably solid. The only other thing I can say is Sees The Day scratches every musical itch I have. And that's just two songs. 155 to go. I'll be up late." -mh

Mike Henry - Electronica/Dance / Jazz / New Age - Big Spring, TX - REVERBNATION

"Rain hits me at my core. Tomorrow is more of the same kick ass soul...love it...and the crackling fire.....perfect.Your voice is off the charts."

COLA ROOTS- World/Reggae / Roots - Cayce, SC - REVERBNATION

"Terrific harmonically engaging songs, wonderful vocals and instrumentals. You guys have it all."

SALARIATUS - Classical / Film / Alternative / Celtic - Houston, Tx - REVERBNATION

"Loving your songs! Shades of light and dark and dripping with passion. Awesome!"


"I can feel your passion for music pouring out of my speakers."

TYLER REESE GROUP - Jazz / Fusion - Fredericksburg, VA - REVERBNATION

"Riding the wave of awesome music over here, at Sees The Day. Diggin your sound and vibe."

MOUNTAINDAWG - Rock / Singer-Songwriter / Acoustic - Guerneville, CA - REVERBNATION

"OH Wow! "RIDING THE OCEAN WAVE" Awesome tune! Totally!!! I am sharing on FB!!"

Jaki Song - Alternative / Electro / Christian - Montreal, QC, CA - REVERBNATION

"David, you're just my kind of composer - why limit yourself to one genre when you could experiment with *all* sounds?! I can hear the Steven Wilson influence in your vulnerable vocal delivery/harmonies in "Don't You See" and "Rain". Talking of which, what a great list of artists in your Bio. I love the fact I don't know what to expect next - I get a kick out of that as a listner, and it keeps me on my toes. I'll come back and listen to more soon and drop you another couple of lines. Keep pushing those boundaries!"

Ross Cooper - Alternative / Soundtrack / Classical - Tonbridge, UK - REVERBNATION

"Hey.. Really like your music. Hopefully one day we can play at the same venue. Keep up the good work! :D Check out our page when you get the chance."

REVOLVING ONE - Alternative / Rock / Pop - New York, NY - REVERBNATION

"I'm definitely your number one fan!" =)

Electricgirl182 aka Michelle - Dunellen, NJ - REVERBNATION

"love ya musicality guys...full of tension & passion,beautifully realized...love the vocals"

DAZ WEDGWOOD - Alternative / Acoustic / Singer/Songwriter - Stoke on Trent, UK - REVERBATION

"Ur music kicks butt!!"

STICKFIGURES - Alternative - San Antonio, TX - REVERBNATION

"Hi Sees the Day;) RAIN is cool...! Well done....whoa, wasn't expecting that!!!...that song freaking rocks." Awesome, D♥

DIANNE - Pop / Adult Contemporary / New Age - Albuquerque, NM - REVERBNATION

"I am impressed by your work and your experience."

Coccinella - Electronica / Dance / Ambient / Experimental - Purmerend, NL - REVERBNATION

"Love the tracks :D very dark and brooding! great vocals too"

JOYLESS - Electronica/Dance / Minimalist / Synth Pop - Singapore, SG - REVERBNATION

"ok id like to at least see you perform once in this lifetime just once lol even if its without a band lol"

Our favorite #1 Fan Michelle :-) - Dunellen, NJ - FACEBOOK

“FALL-The song has killer guitar parts and the mix is so hot!The over all track itself grabs you right off the bat and never lets you go. What I liked most, however, was that it was extremely innovative. This act could really break some new ground if it wanted to." -Platinum Producer Marc Valentine”

Wendell Hanes - Composer/Volition Sound - The 3030 Career

"I feel Alive!!!! WOW... yes I do... love this song!"

AGAINST THE GIRL - Electronica/Dance / Trip Hop ~ DownTempo -Louisburg, NC - REVERBNATION


PROMIZE - Alternative / Fan Greenfield, MA - REVERBNATION

"You write wonderful songs and deliver with passion and power. Nice work, very happy to have found you here." xx pinknruby

PINKNRUBY - Folk / Ethereal Acoustic / Breakbeat - London, UK - REVERBNATION

"Liking the sound alot!"

J CHACON - R&B/Soul / Hip Hop / Gospel - Salt Lake City, UT - REVERBNATION

"I think you're Awesome Keep Up The good work!!!"

ROCHELLE - Electronica/Dance - North Vancouver, BC, CA - REVERBNATION

"Riding the ocean wave" was sooo amazing, i wanted to download it, But there's No Link :/ ♥

Tawnie Murderspring - Other / R&B, Rock / Punk chinese Pop/ Poetry / Rap / - REVERBNATION

"Great urgency to your music - could be in a movie soundtrack! Thanks for your support! Greetings from England! All the best!" Caroline

CAROLINETY - Pop / Electro jazz / Nu-Jazz - Kent, UK - REVERBNATION

"Legend: Abullu! I love your combination of spiny and dirty. :D"

Viral Culture - Electronica/Dance / Electronic Sountracks/ Incidental Music - REVERBNATION

"Hey guys! I found your music totally amazing!! Very powerful, very inspired! Love your voice too... Keep it up!" C.

Claeysen-Electronica/Dance/Pop/Trip Hop/Trance- Paris, FR - REVERBNATION

"Just a feeling is excellent! you've got a great sound! we are your new fans"

DOUBLE OCEAN - Rock/Indie/Electronica -London, U.K. - REVERBNATION

"Your music is amazing!"

NARUTO- Alternative/Ambient Pop/Elecronica- Tokyo, Japan - REVERBNATION

"Beautiful music! Love how all the songs for me relate back to a day". :)

JANANI - Alternative / Indie Rock / Pop - Orlando, FL - REVERBNATION

"Very moving and driven...while staying mysterious, I like it, very refreshing :) best of luck!"

LYNNAY - Alternative / Electronic / New Wave - Atlanta, GA - REVERBNATION

"We are looking for sounds and spirit that moves our inner light, that's how I found you. Words are not enough." Best wishes, Peace. Rogelio Nobara/Irradiador.

IRRADIADOR - Jazz / Free Jazz / Experimental / Avant-garde / Noise - Mexico, MX - REVERBNATION

"Wow.. Great Sounds and Musiic here bro!!" MuchLove -dd2

D2 PRODUCTIONS - Electronica/Dance / Trip Hop / Hip Hop - Fredericksburg, VA - REVERBNATION

"Great to meet you! So nice tracks!"

P.I.Light - Metal / Alternative / Rock - Tbilisi, GE - REVERBNATION

"Fantastic music, brilliant lyrics...great job!!!"

Linda Marlowe - Pop / Acoustic Rock / Country Rock - Valley Stream, NY - REVERBNATION

"i love your edgy sound great production work you should be much higher on the charts good luck"

SITUATIST DEUX - Pop/Alternative Artist , Toronto, ON, CA - REVERBNATION

"Awesome music!"

Enigmatic Flux - Other / Meditative / Healing - Asheville, NC - REVERBNATION

"...I have to personally say you are creating something I haven't heard in a long, long time. And I still don't know what it is, but I know it's hiding 'round here somewhere. Please keep doing what you are doing."

Mike Henry - Electronica/Dance / Jazz / New Age - Big Spring, TX - REVERBNATION

"F#ck classifications and categories, this is music, not binomial nomenclature. Great music is great music, and this is it!"

Jennifer 8 - Alternative / Pop / Alternative Rock - St. Louis, MO - REVERBNATION

"It is always good to know that there are those like yourself who can appreciate the hard work and passion another has for his craft and I humbly receive you into my circle of fans and welcome you to continue to enjoy the music and the videos that is created from my heart to yours." MUCH LOVE AND GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS ROB G

ROB G - Alternative / Easy Listening / Instrumental - Pomona, CA - REVERBNATION

"Excellent work! I'm really loving your compositions. - Michael, TLP

The Lost Patrol - Alternative / Shoegaze / Surf - New York, NY - REVERBNATION

"You have some great music! I hope it takes you every place you want to go!" JD Greer

JD Greer - R&B/Soul / Rock N Soul / Pop - Fan Manteca, CA - REVERBNATION

"Keep up the good job!! kiss kiss" - Dyane

DYANE - Latin / Pop, Dance,romantic / Reggaeton, Cumbia -Toronto, ON, CA - REVERBNATION

"David! How are you? It is great to hear from you! Doing a song together sounds great. I love your music, and collaborating with you would be fun and exciting :-)"

SERA - Other / Symphonic / Electronica - New York, NY - REVERBNATION

“Thank you!!!!! :) :) :) I like "It's Coming" <3 ”

ALI - Hip Hop / Beats / Club - Indianapolis, IN - REVERBNATION

"'Countdown' Great track:) really enjoyed.. nice beat too."

Dee&amp;TheAlien&#x27;s (Dorothy Wilson)-Other, Electronica/Dance Ambient- Manchester.UK - REVERBNATION

"great sound..awesome !..great music !"

LEIPE - Rock / Altenative Rock / Powerpop Artist-Bandar Lampung, ID - REVERBNATION

"Very impressive material. Excellent sound ,excellent songwriting. Good job David!!"

JEFF SCOTT CASTLE- Other/Ambient/Electronic Artist - Tulsa, Ok. - REVERBNATION

"Your stuff is right up at the top of the list of what I have heard on reverb. And I heard a lot! As I said you deserve to be recognized. Much more so than Brittney Spears or Lady gaga In my opinion!"

Highroad No. 28- Alternative/Electronica Artist-Sydney, Australia - REVERBNATION

"thank you so much for being friends, wonderful music!!!! many greeetz from berlin... "

CULTURE SERIAL KILLERS - Other/Reggae/Electro Lounge - Berlin/DE - REVERBNATION

"Love the sound! Rock on!"

RYAN MANZFIELD-Other / Experimental / Noisecore / Gothic - Adelaide, SA, AU - REVERBNATION

"wow amazing tracks!! very original!!"

TODD STONE-Rock / Alternative / Goth Share, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK - REVERBNATION

"Surfing the REVERB charts…and I just visited your site. I’m playing and really enjoying your music. "Tomorrow " is a terrific track of yours and I became your fan. "

PAT BRANCH - Bassist/Songwriter-Pop/Powerpop/Alternative Rock - New York, NY - REVERBNATION

“Great sound! Just wanted to say I enjoy your music, and to encourage you to stop by and download a song for free : ). I’d love to partner up in supporting each other! Happy New Year! Thanks for making good music. xo" ”

Laura K. Webb-Country/Acoustic/Christian-Artist, Waco, Tx. - REVERBNATION

"Wow!! you Got so many great trax, I can't pick and choose!!!!"


"Innovative rock - cool! Loving "Just a Feeling" right now."

41 MILES-Folk / Folk Rock Artists- Seattle, Wa. - REVERBNATION

"I enjoyed listening to all the songs including the Beatles cover, really liked 'I hate myself'. all the best, Fiona"

Fiona MacMahon-Country / Folk Rock / Acoustic-Hamburg, DE - REVERBNATION

"Thanks for your beautiful words you are so right!And thanks for the music I love it!:) In the silent moment of the night I wrote a song "Mistake"for you...men and Casanovas...don´t you like it?I like it;) Kiss...kisses...lotta kisses!!"

ODD CHRISTINA - Metal / Rock / Classic Artist- Tampere, FI - REVERBNATION

"Listening to your work right now man. very impressive, powerful and refreshingly original. This is VERY good stuff!"

Highroad No. 28- Alternative/Electronica Artist-Sydney, Australia - REVERBNATION

"Great stuff. Dark, moody, sometimes a little creepy... what's not to like?"


"Wow! This is really left field, love it !!!Cheers from Australia :)"

STIRLING/ Alternative Artist-Australia - REVERBNATION

"Hello, hello.. Such great music, You are making.. I like all of Your great tracks and have placed Your player widget on my Facebook profile and a vid.." Hugs Stina..

Stina/GOLDMARCH - Alternative Artist, U.K. - REVERBNATION



"Thx a lot 4 ya luv n u rock"


"In a word: Excellent! :o) We like to collaborate and fuse - the offer is there - we have many genres on our page - go beyond the front page ;o) If you want to do something, then write to us! Peace n hugs from CAT"


"Good original rock!"

JAMES FERRIS -Rock/Blues/Country Artist- Dallas, Tx. - REVERBNATION

"Nice works,you definitely SEES THE DAY with these tracks (Pun intended)"

Timmy Matrixx &amp; Dappa Don/Producers &amp; Remixers - REVERBNATION

"Your Tracks are poppin bro! Love em! Keep it up and thanks for your support as well!!! "All the things" Nice songs man, reallly really nice song"