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“Suenalo’s on stage, horns blazing, drums pounding, a fat bassline digging in, the smooth-voiced Dominican-American MC, Amin De Jesus, spitting rapid-fire rhymes in two languages.”

“De todas las cualidades que Suénalo ha sabido edificar en sus fértiles 11 años de vida, hay una que es ineludible y se ha vuelto carta de presentación: tanto en disco como en directo, el grupo mantiene inalterable la incitación al baile.”

“If the Magic City had to choose a band to send to the music Olympics, Suénalo would top the list. Their music defines Miami ...”

"Without placing too much attention on the norm as far as genres are concerned, to them, their music can only be classified by one word Afrolatinbabymakingdescargafunk." (translated from Spanish to English)

““Few Miami acts have combined the disparate sounds of the city with as much finesse as local favorite Suenalo. Blending everything including Afro-Caribbean rhythms, hip-hop, rock, funk, reggae, electro, and jazz, the eight-piece for nearly a decade has been making the live circuit dance. The term for its signature sound, coined by the band, is pretty accurate: "Afro-Latin baby-makin' descarga funk."”

“Jam bands can noodle, and wander, and lose their energy. Not Suenalo. Their energy is especially surprising given that they're democratic - composing and arranging is a communal, improvisational effort among the ten members (not to mention whoever might drop in, like Prince, yes, THAT Little Red Corvette Prince, did at a Jazid show last year.).”

"The contagiousness borders on the rediculous, as if Suénalo is cooking up some kind of musical meth on stage."

"The group's 10 members form a multicultural cocktail. Suénalo is one of the most ecclectic bands to emerge from Miami. " (translated from Spanish to English)

"The dance floor gets hopping when one of the club’s regular acts, Suénalo, plays its addictive fusion of Cuban son and rumba, Dominican hip-hop, Colombian cumbia and American funk."

“BEST LOCAL LATIN ROCK BAND - 2005 "Afro-Latin funk? Whatever you dub it, the Suenalo sound is buzzing from the fashionable warehouse parties of Wynwood to the trippy lounge scene of South”

"Suénalo Sound System's celebratory jam session takes you on a mental odyssey invoked by Afro-Latino rhythms, Caribbean raggamuffin and North American hip hop melded with horns and gyrating, wah wah peddled guitars that get you jumping in joyful praise."