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SIQ / Press

“Checked tracks on reverbnation, sounds heavy as f***!! digging the chilled vibes. Mc should be locked for murder!!!!”

“i'm lovin' ur steez man I got every free download you have the list..it seems like allot of people start to sound the same after a while but ur songs were a breath of fresh air..keep it up meng!”

“-Review for "Get A Bad Day Bye"- The songwriting is noticeably mellow, with fizzy Euro-pop synthesizers neutralizing the mild, hip-hoppish quirks that give this song its own identity Lyrically, this album is full of sore-hearted laments feels like a calculated move toward American pop music's gooey center. I personally can see this song in soundtracks or a mellow coffe house blend via starbucks. The voice is enchanting and seducing but with a real sadness in the signing i believe her.”

Chris Leyva - musicxray

“This is some good ish! I love it! I've been tryin' to get my wife on my tracks for a minute! I'm gonna let her hear this to help convince her! This is great music! Keep reppin'...A-WASH”

A-Wash - Reverbnation

“I didnt just add u 2 my favs to get adds. Nah, dis shits dope. Im diggin da vibe FORREAL!!!”

Lifik - Reverbnation

“Taken from the same single, 8, 'Aftershock' is yet another winning track from the ever impressing SIQ. This track brings a different side to SIQ. It burns gently like an incense stick, building a carefree ethical sound and letting the song flow beautifully against the damn-right painful lyrics. SIQ have proved they can deliver the freshest RnB anthems as well as the more emotive tracks we see in 'Aftershock'. A great mixture of songs to pick and choose from that all entwine with the SIQ magic. Check this band out right now!”

“SIQ have been a big hit at Mag HQ and I have to admit this duo have exceeded my exceptions on my first listen with this smooth RnB offering. Tickling the taste buds from start to finish 'Get A Bad Day Bye' is an instant hit. The keys add a smooth ambience to the overall sound letting the female vocalist hit those notes in a diva-fashion. This single is outstanding, the production is flawless and the overall simplicity brings further enjoyment for the listener.”

“SIQ is back with their new single 'WHY' which is a distorted RnB delight. This husband and wife duo have produced yet another faultless track. This is a bit different to 'THA HIjAQ Volume 1' as it has a more edgy sound and a back-street vibe. The female vocalist is on top form throughout this track, her vocals ooze with confidence that really bringss this song to life. SIQ is one of the best RnB acts I've heard in a while. They never seem to disappoint and I just can't wait to see what's coming next. ”

“Finding dope new Hip-Hop is like searching for a diamond in the rough ...If you found S.I.Q, You've Struck it rich! ~ Kcool Radio”

“SIQ's new single 'Tha Hijaq 7' sees a great mixture of rap and RnB. SIQ effortlessly performs throughout this track, his relaxed rapping adds a personal and professional touch overall making it seem like no work at all. The featured female vocalist is outstanding on this track and she brings a TLC touch to the sound. This is a great track that brings back that 90's RnB feel, with old skool lyricism and a very, very cool vibe. ”

“some originality movin there, pure, fresh... that's how it came off. "I love the line live in love with mine hear the story of my rhyme for a cent less than a dollar sign… My verbal shine wears the light with a lot of lime…"...99cent line real sick (SIQ). I relate and feel that....well said. Never heard anyone catch it like that to date. Ill. "So I cashed in…Passed in my out of line state of mind… And now my vocals stay spinning on the Gemini"...fresh...visual a couple more to quote (QUOTE) but Imuh stop. Good vibes. Inspirational to alot who could benefite from such word. The testimonial positive transition of it is dope. Lil suckers need to hear that and grow. if u wan return the favor check "Articulate Survival" on Youtube and drop me a dope comment. If ya audio is nice n u feel my art I'm lookin to expand and continue to collaborate. pz”

“I'm feelin' that first track. I actually did some mixtape shit to that track too but never released it becuz the other cat on the track came mediocre; an' that's never exceptable. A lotta these rappers rap like somebody's got a gun to the back of their head forcin' em to spit. This shit ain't for everybody and it sounds like S.I.Q. is in the right line of work. Keep doin' your thing!”

“This has to be the most official Hip Hop I have heard in a decade!! keep up the good work you guys.”

“I love it !!!! i'm feeling every cut ”


“talented, fresh. love the female male combo like fugees and black eyed peas”

“Radio Show # 2 (1st live on-air Interview)”

“Geeeya S.I.Q bringing da dope real hip hop ish. ”

“real hip-hop here, i luv it.............peace”

“Had to stop thru to give props one more time! One of the best sounds on ReverbNation hands down!”

“yoooo this sh** is dope, brings me back to early rap days when rap was fresh haha, much love from germany”

“So I usually don't give sick props to lyrics but your content is legit. Nice to hear some legit lyrical vibes with good vox! Too many times its only ever about the beat and the lyrics blow, but you lit it up! Maybe we'll have to pump one out soon! ”

Silent Decisions Studios - Reverbnation

“Love that authentic hip hop sound! Keep it up! ”

“Wuz hood? dta ish doe dats dat real under ground sh** authentic ”

Sincyere Jones - Reverbnation

“thats whats up your sh** is sick homie i didnt expect to hear what i did imma have to download some sh**.”

Mylo - Reverbnation

“Just Slidin Thru To Show You An Your Page Sum Love An Support ...Sittin Here Listenin 2 Your Music ..An Your Sound Is Bangin ...Lovin What I'm Hearing ...keep Doin Ya Thang ...An Stay Focus ...Make Sure You Come An Checc Me Out ...Keep Pusin ”

TrapAholic - Reverbnation

“Damn the beat and the lyrics are hot man. Where can I get some of your music???”


Flauxy Gz - Reverbnation

“im diggin the style...”

“Nice words!!! Ya style is clean fam!”

“wow, wow, wow, wow is all i can say, you must be signed by now, all i can say is you got what it takes to make it to the top. loving this so much.”

“y r peps snoozin' on dis track... I might have 2 start bumpin' dis on Saturday's haha yo dis is def sick dawg ur flow is mad ill. When u 1st started off I thought it was Nas rappin' not sure if u get dat a lot but u def sound like Nas. Track is mad krazy tho homie u went in on it and also da female on da hook fit perfect on it. Much props on dis ni**a def keep droppin' ”

“It's crazy to me that sometimes some of the best recorded stuff can go uncommented on in this creation chamber. This is absolutely flawless. The vibe of the vocals and the instrumental kinda had a bit of that Black Thought flavor. And the female emcee had a real smooth and relaxed kinda delivery that also just mixed perfectly into beat. This is one of only a small handful of songs in these forums that I'll definitely be listening to multiple time. Don't really know what kind of constructive feedback to give ya, since this song was just straight fire, except you might wanna not be a.k.a. Illogic, since there's already a well known underground emcee with that name.”


“we need more sounds like this in the system, ill looking at your space for more, good work man, keep it up”

“F****ING CLASSIC!!!! ”

“This was dope, you got a 90's style and I loved it. Keep it up man, I want to hear more stuff from you.”

“nice flows, chill beat really feeling this, dope production too, I love the girl's voice on this, great example of good song production making the full package I like it a lot man”

“yeah, it's just hip hop music..tight! the way you riding the beat make me think of naz...and even ya metaphors remind me of him, "later little gator push da letter forward and you're a hater?" LMAO oHH sh**, that's funny”

“mad props man im loving the beats got a really tribe called quest vibe to it. Keep up the good work man!”

“u got the perfect name homie that first jant is crazy thats saturday is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the weekeend joints are workin homie i love any body that puts they soul in that pen man do u homie jonblaq”