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Phosphene / Press

““Soon as the track started I fell in love with the guitars. I’m very picky with female vocals over rock, but this band has got it! I’m already a fan! The band is rocking, I love how bass in the verse is doing it’s own thing. Guitar makes this song really great. This band is going to go far and I’ll definitely check this band out after this review. There guys rock!””

Anonymous - Let You Go Music Review

““This reminded me of Halloween music, I thought Michael Myers was on his way. But the song itself was really nice. I could see this being a hit. I enjoy the woman’s voice. It flows well throughout the song. The words are nice and the beat is good too. I like the way the song lines up with the passion of the artist’s voice. I could see this being a hit.””

Anonymous - Let You Go Music Review

““Very fresh and fast paced sound. A nice voice from the radio. This song would be very suited for radio play. The instrumentation is very well constructed and organized which creates an appealing sound to the ear. The guitar instrument are very well played and the composition of the lyric content, very well done. Overall, this is a very good pop rock song and would do very well if played on main stream radio. I quite enjoyed listening to this song and may purchase it if I ever get the opportunity.””

Anonymous - Let You Go Music Review

““There was a great intro to this song. It was very fast paced and upbeat, It made me want to get up and start dancing to the beat of the song. The beat is consistently great through the song. There is a perfect mix of drums, bass, and guitar. The singer’s voice is also very good. And the lyrics are great too! There is a lot of potential for this song and I believe it could become a hit on the radio. I know that I would listen to it if it were on the radio today.””

Anonymous - Let You Go Music Review

““I like this song a lot. I like the band, the voice, the lyrics. They’re all good. It’s a fresh sound. It’s kind of Pop/Rock meets Country in a strange way. I really like it. I would like to hear more from this band. I could def. picture them on the radio. The chorus is awesome, I feel like it could relate to a wide audience.””

Anonymous - Let You Go Music Review

““The drummer does a nice job of building up the momentum of this song, and the guitar melody is pretty sweet. The young lady belting out the lyrics sounds good and the song is mastered very well. The chorus delivers a nice punch and this rhythm is nice for shaking a tail feather. I gave this song a 9 because it’s the type of track that breaks a band out of the underground into the limelight. Don’t be surprised to see this band opening for major acts very soon. The guitar rift on the end is so complex and the entire track is very well put together.””

Anonymous - Let You Go Music Review

“Phosphene were the next band up at the Rock Club Stage. They draw inspiration from a wide variety of metal, ranging from thrash to hair-metal to alternative rock. Their sound and vibe was also easy to get into and good for singing along. If Phosphene could be counted on for one thing it was their ability to deliver a catchy melody. Often their songs would build from a soft, melodic, clean-guitar progression to heavy power chords. They're a perfect fit for mainstream heavy rock, and gave us a couple power ballads too. One highlight from their set was a good rendition of Journey's classic 'Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)'. This was a song that everybody was sure to know and it got the crowd involved a little more. One of their original songs I would point out as a personal favorite is 'Break the Silence'. Jeni Imparato's performance was captivating. She put much emotion into her vocal delivery. At moments she seemed to be channeling Pat Benatar or Sharon den Adel (of Within Temptation).”

“Phosphene is very aware of the public perception of the band, they’re not out to capitalize on solely good looks. The band takes the higher ground with keeping it professional”

“Phosphene pulls its collective influences from the grandiose stadium rock, and hair metal of Journey (Jeni admits that one of her favorite tunes is “Separate Ways”) and Bon Jovi to newer artists such as A Skylit Drive, 30 Seconds to Mars and Avenged Sevenfold. Jeni reflects on the band’s style. “We really wanted to bring back some of the elements that made all those great artists leave a legacy so great that their songs still get air time today….We wanted big choruses, with strong hooks, meaningful lyrics, and driving guitar riffs/ drum beats and we feel we have finally achieved that sound and are ready to share it with the world.””

“The name of the band it self is rather clever, talking about the origins of it, Jeni adds “One day while looking up interesting words (for a band name) “Phosphene" came up with the definition " when you rub your eyes and see stars". The moment we saw the meaning it just clicked with all of us. It’s fun because people still react to the name, at first with confusion and when they learn the meaning it brings up some sort of childhood memory that they share with us.” It draws memories out of people and we as a band would like to do the same with our music.””

“Initial readings from Phosphene’s first live shows around Chicago this summer have drawn comparisons of Jeni’s vocal stylings to Pink and Alanis Morissette, musically the band draws similarities to Evanescence, Flyleaf, Lacuna Coil, and Halestorm, but with a much more stripped-down and direct sound. Phosphene’s singles “Break the Silence” “Lock Me Away” and “Don’t Give Up” have showcased a band that while still young, has put a lot of intentionality into the development of the direction of their sound.”