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Panic Volcanic / Press

“Fort Worth trio Panic Volcanic kicks listeners in the teeth early on its debut full-length, Freak Fuzz. The low rumble of Skin and Bones (courtesy of Zach Tucker’s nimble bass skills) is soon pierced by Ansley Dougherty’s chilling vocals, winding through the sonic chaos like razor wire. Drummer Chris Cole rounds out the 2-year-old band, which doesn’t let up once during these 11 songs, recorded by Ben Napier at Green Audio Productions. The star of the show is undeniably Dougherty’s full-throttle voice, which often floats behind the thick squall generated by Tucker and Cole but is never overwhelmed — she turbo-charges Drive, before spiking Evil Hand with a wail from the depths. Freak Fuzz is a powerhouse debut, a calling card for one of Fort Worth’s rising rock stars. It hurts so good.”

“Co-founded by Ansley Dougherty and bassist Zach Tucker, bassist/vocalist for Sonic Buffalo and drummer for The Frisky Disco, and with Chris Cole on drums, Panic Volcanic is loud, heavy, and prone to delicious circuitous structures.. Formed in 2011, the guitar-less trio has just released its debut album. Recorded this winter with Fort Worth producer Ben Napier, Freak Fuzz is rife with chunky, metallic riffage –– Tucker’s fuzzed-out, trebly bass sounds pretty much like a guitar –– and belting Dougherty’s voice is low in the mix, giving the album an underground, DIY feel. Flashy metal, this is not.”

“The result is a driving, hard-edged, purposeful rock experience with an experimental quality that puts them above and beyond the ordinary.”