Paddy Thorne / Press

“hey dude!! wen u playin next???!! u literalty took me to anova level u n nikita made r nite wen first got to winch we wernt feelin it n was guna go home then was like lets give paddys set a go n with 5 mins i was on a magic carpet n didnt go home til 6!! cant wait to c u play again me n luke have been listoning to u on sound cloud I loved the fact u were so diverse wiv a hint of old skool!! <3x”

Lora Lashes

“yep, really like your tunes, been listening all morning here at work, nice one!”

Octavcat - Myspace.com

“...your tracks are wicked! I hope everything is going good for you.”

Fun Loving Criminals - Unofficial UK Fan Site - Myspace.com

“Nice styles. Checking the loveliness up in here.”

Amit - Myspace.com

“just checked out your stuff.. always here is my fave.. vibing track ;)”

Journeyman - Myspace.com

“Your sound is really excellent ^^ All the best and keep it going !!! One Love from France BETTY :-)))”

Electro House Community - Myspace.com

“Hey man, I'm loving the tunes tbh!”

Roland Blackman - Myspace.com

“i am listening to ur music rite now.....im enjoying it much, upbeat and relaxing at the same time!!”

Dirty Hippy - Myspace.com

“hey man! i came to set my first step on your profile! haha~~ you're charming!”

Sylvia - Myspace.com

“Much respect goes out to you from Ninja Track Productions!!!”

Ninja Track Promotions - Myspace.com

“Techno electronic stuff i like it alot. Keep up there great work you do.”

Brandon - Gaddy Entertainment - Myspace.com

“cool stuff !”

The Ambient Society - Myspace.com

“you're crazy maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! sounds very very very gooooooooooood! have fun and good luck! ;) I subscribed your reverb nation profile!;D”

Angi Siletta - Myspace.com

“I love also your tunes and particularly 'the journey continues'.”

Mr Fi - Myspace.com

“Time of Day For Order - Enjoyed )”

Miss P - Myspace.com

“Really enjoyed listening to your music Pad. Thank you for your friendship! Cheers!:)”

Seeji Music USA - Myspace.com

“Hello! Wow! I like your music and hope to hear more from you soon ;)”

Brett - Myspace.com

“Really like the music!!”

Padraig - Myspace.com

“Absolutely amazing stuff. Let me know where I can buy your album in hard copy and I will definitely do it. Keep it up! It sounds great!”

Death to all but METAL! - Myspace.com

“You sound awesome!”

Derek Higgins - Myspace.com

“hello from SO-CAL dig your sound!”

DJ John C - Myspace.com

“I really like the tunes / vibe here...”

&lt; R A Y &gt; - Myspace.com

“Pleased to meet you.. really like the sounds.. keep creation flowing!”

ManClub - Myspace.com

“Khhtt... Beeep... Whrrr...”

iGod - Myspace.com

“cool stuff! like that change in 'when the chips are down'. think i'll float over to the website and download a mix. peace.”

The Heavy Cross - Myspace.com

“Nice Choons Mate!”

Leighton - Myspace.com

“Thanks for reaching out! Job well done sir! All the best!”

Fun-Junk - Myspace.com

“Thanks so much for your friendship :) I am really diggin yellow brick lane. Keep em comin! Where can I find your music so I can add it to my playlist for my ipod? Much love and respect :)”

Miss Trinity Soul - Myspace.com

“great tunes - thanks for requesting my ears ... :)”

Phat Sam 303 - Myspace.com

“Love ure stuff!”

Knotu - Myspace.com

“Loving your style...”

Base Mosquito, London - Myspace.com

“Thanks for the connection fella, nice tracks. really like "The Journey Continues" and would really appreciate a copy :)”

Jonny Boy - Myspace.com

“want to know what I think? super sound my new friend!”

Aghorimaschine - Myspace.com