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Len Rice -Prog Rock / Press

“I had an opportunity to listen to your music. Needless to say, it's tremendously good. I love the arrangements & instrumentation. A lot of prog bands seem to focus primarily on a big sound with great licks, but fall a little short of having a great song that's memorable & can stand the test of time. Your music is memorable & makes people want to listen again. That's not always something intentional, but if the music is sincere, somehow it happens. So congratulations and well done.”

"Pulse Rift" by Len Rice was played on UK 102.5FM show, "Honey for Your Ears- A Prog Rock Radio Show with a Twist" on 4/11/2013.

"Len Rice - various tracks. I stumbled across Len's music on his ReverbNation site and have to say that I was rather captivated by the expansive and delicately crafted music he has created. Progressive rock that tells a story and takes you on a journey, it is well worth checking out."

“Len Rice Download Compilation -Not a commercially produced CD, but a set of songs available as free downloads from a Yank with a deep love of British prog bands that have clearly left a subconscious influence on his compositions. He is currently attempting to distribute his music worldwide by simply giving away as many free downloads as possible of some work in the hopes that people will listen, enjoy, & share it with others. If it generates enough name recognition, it may one day lead to a product for purchase, but even if it doesn’t, he hopes it will keep his music in circulation indefinitely. Instrumentally interesting, texturally and in arrangement, there are well crafted themes throughout, with plenty to interest the casual listener. And it’s free!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Len Rice's music and far from finding it a chore, spending time with the six songs he has finished was my pleasure! The music flows beautifully through its strong arrangements and well thought out themes, making the atmosphere both evocative and involving. On occasion the songs can meander instead of getting straight to the point, however if that is the only negative, then there’s not much to complain about is there? Really rather impressive and I very much look forward to hearing what else Len comes up with! ”