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G2 / Press

“Thanks for the music. It's good stuff. You can tell you put a lot of work into it.”

Pat Wilson - The Ear Guide

“Hey G2. Thanks for sharing your music. I checked it out via your reverberation page. Nice stuff, it did make the cut. LoL… Keep doing it, because man do we need more good music. Please don't stop. Well keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep checkin on your page. Talk soon. Peace!”

DJ Dee Wiz

“Your song is a breath of fresh air! It's about time an artist brings the music back to real life events & not that she got a fat booty or I like how she twerk nonsense that's going around. Not only is the composition fantastic the tune is quite catchy too! 2 Thumbs up. Please give us more great music!”

DJ Mack Drama

“I just read your tracking sheet. This is awesome... do you ever consider sharing this kind of knowledge to Artists that need to progress such as yourself? This should definitely become a part of your Electronic Press Kit. I can honestly say, I've never seen this before!”

James Tylee - Cyber FM

“Yeah G2. I am really impressed with your work, how hard you work, and how dedicated you are.”

DJ Jon Carlos

“Keep making that FIYAH music that your supporters want and love to hear. The sky is definitely BEYOND the limits for you. #SALUTE”

Nakia Y. Quarles, CWP - Metal 2 Metal Records

“G2 DOES IT AGAIN!! I am so loving you.”

Nakia, Executive A&R - Metal 2 Metal Records

“You got some good tracks g.”

DJ Jon Carlos

“What a blessing this young man is! G2 is about to sweep the globe!”

“We lease time slots for air play. We don't have to track royalties etc, and we can focus on uplifting the spirit of humanity while entertaining. Your music is in queue because the owner says so. Irrational woman that she is, she loves your sound and plays it free without rhyme or reason. You really should ask get on an interview with her or offer to do a station liner we need. She will be thrilled.”

Dave - Gemjin Radio

“I would love to promote for you G2 !!”

Dominus Young - Front Page

“Your music is awesome! Do you want me to post it to my Mixcloud and Soundcloud pages? People are going to love this!”

DJ Steevie T

“I really like your music. I have featured your music on mixoflavas show on Wavey FM. I will also feature you on the website. Thanks for the connection and hope to hear more from you and arrange an interview if possible.”

Cathy - Midland Music Scene

“You are talented and you have a great ear for beats. You are HOT IN MY OPINION!!!!!”

Nicole - WRLR 98.3 FM

“You are aggressive and intelligent. You just need the right help and connections.”

Art Mitchell - Urban Network

“Thanks blood the music you sent me so far is dope man!!! Keep them coming the response is great so far from the people!!!”

DJ London

“You got a good sound and looks like you are an MC, not just another joke.”

Jeff Donovan - Rap-A-Lot Records

“Love the music bro (Go Hard), just finished reviewing off air well doing my on air show at 107.7fm OPF Radio show right now. This song is great, put into my rotation and will be coming up live on air in 9 minutes on www.opfradio.com if you want to tune in and listen to it. Many props to you and the music, keep it coming because bro your music talent is phenomenal.”

DJ Mac Scotty - 107.7 FM, OPF Radio

“Thank you for your email. The response to this track is truly amazing, we would be happy to promote you for free as part of our services. We would also like to sign you on as a Klub Lif3 Records artist. If you can send us some basic information about you, we can publish your works on iTunes and other major music libraries. If it’s acceptable to you, we would like to remix your song and have it featured in Klub Lif3's Online Radio Podcast alongside Music Producer K2wenny. We will keep you up to date on the status of our publicizing.”

K2 Kenny - Klub Life Records

“Send me all your new music. I can jam to them.”

DJ Juice

“Sorry for the belated response, it is great to hear that you are gaining more exposure, and please keep it up. We think your music is great!”

Mark - Osprey Music, Independent Recording Label.

“You never have to ask bro. Your music is always welcome on my show. Congrats on the accolades as well, I look for you to be on everything and everywhere soon, very soon G. Just keep pushing my brother.”

“Thank you for all your hard work. Without you I would not have a blog.”

“All the tracks you post onto your Sound Cloud page are automatically updated on my blog site.”

“Thanks so much. You are very talented. May I have your permission to post your music on my website?”

“I have been spreading your music to a number of people and they've all given good feedback. So keep up the great work! I hope to see you keep growing in the future and keep bringing good music to the world.”

“Great tunes bro”

“We loved having you and the callers lived for that song Fasholey”

Kat, Co-Founder - AZFiiXY8 Radio

“Your music was submitted to me by my staff. Out of 40 people you plus 5 others were picked for these last 2 spots. This is and will be a huge look for you. We are a major site and all major labels visit us. The songs I liked were "Top of the world" and "Pick You Up". The owner of www.24hourhiphop.com (my boss) is also the president of POE BOY MUSIC GROUP. Which is the label pop superstar FLO'RIDA is signed to and formerly Rick Ross. Long story short ; I really believe you fit our section we feature called Next in line. All major label A&Rs visit our site. We were voted top 10 site in a issue of XXL magazine. We average about 350,000-450,000 real unique viewers weekly on the site. Again this is a big look and its only 2 spots remaining and if you want. One of them is yours.”

Phil - 24 Hour Hip Hop

“I had a chance this afternoon to review your newest single pick you up and I really loved it man, the song lyrics, and vocals were the shit. I am going to put it into my rotation at the clubs I DJ here in Hamilton, ON Canada and have sent it on to other DJ's in my area to review and push to get them to play.”

“Keep the work going bro, your music is phenomenal and I really like it. Want to work to get your music out there for everyone to listen and enjoy. Keep up the great work, your talent and passion for creating the music is much appreciated.”

DJ Mac Scotty - 107.7 FM - Great Britain

“I have to say we love the song and video Fasholey. The video is hot.”

Korporate Loop

“G2 are you signed to a label? Because that track is professionally done.”

DJ Moody - 107.5 FM - Belize

“Your music is still in our rotation, and as always is well received by the stations listeners :)”

Meshelly George - Programming Director - IndieNation.fm

“I placed Fasholey into rotation. I have to say that track SHOULD be playing on terrestrial radio. Great song!”

Leo, Music Director - Party Hitz Radio

“Great stuff. Fasholey made the cut as the lead song on Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm podcast. Tell your fans and good luck with your single Fasholey. Sounds like you got a hit song on your hand!”

DJ Numone - Hang Out Corp

“The West Coast is Back! Check out the newest star from the BAY AREA and hit record “Fasholey!"”

DJ Skroog mk duk

“G2 seems to understand the balance between pop appeal and maintaining his hip-hop chops, all-the-while representing himself without any apparent signs of faking for an image. With some moments of vulnerability to stand alongside the more positive tracks, this EP acts as a fine introduction to this promising underground talent. That said, given his radio-ready sound, it may not be too long before G2 makes the move from underground to household name…”

“This track is solid. I like the hook and beat combo, and the verses were cool.”

DJ Hyphen - Kube 93 FM - Seattle, WA

“Many thanks! Keep up the good work and keep em coming!!! Stay in touch.”

DJ IC, Great Britain

“Thank you for your submission to Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes we are pleased to tell you that you have been selected to perform at Coast 2 Coast Music Industry Mixer | Bay Area Edition - 6/24!”

Coast 2 Coast Music Industry Mixer | Bay Area Edition

"Thanks for the great music."

Song Shooter of the Day

"I see you on FB a lot. Much respect."

Madd Maxx - M3 Radio

"I just listened to your single "Top of the world" and I have to say I love your sound!"

Meshelly George, Programming Director - IndieNation

"Awesome! I can feature you as my "rookie of the week" if your interested?!"

Checka Cee | On Air Personality | Clear Channel Media + Entertainment - Wild 105.7 / 96.7 FM in Atlanta, GA

"We received your video today and it's AWESOME! Thank you so much for sending."

Heather Rice - Zocalo Group, Marketing Company for Super Cuts

"Thanks for submitting your music for us to review. Its off to a great start . . . good hook, good beat. Please keep me posted on your progress and if you're ever out and about performing."

Sonja Jimenez, Music Director - 102.5 KSFM - Sacramento, CA.

"Liked the music!"

The Artist Hub

"I like this, especially the beat. I'll see about getting it on the Blackout Show."

DJ Phat Phillie - Blackout Radio - Zagreb, Croatia

"Feeling this a lot. Gonna drop it on my show tommorow."

DJ Step One - Kane FM

"All in all a solid production!"

DJ Marious - AFDC Radio - Bonn, Germany

"I've included this in April's CD mailout. You guys have had a lot of great records lately."

Jamie T - CD Pool - London, England

“Great music ! Keep up the great work !”

Virgin Records International

"I'd be surprised if he didn't get some mix show love from this. The overall sound and production sounds just like what a B.O.B is doing. I could hear this on my local commercial station for sure."

Jason D - KRBX/KHDC - Boise, ID

"Dope song. Going on rotation this week for my djs to play during their shows."

Lisa B - WXIN - Providence, RI