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Brandon Reese / Press

“Check out this multi talented musician, a gem, his music is pure and soulful. ”

Umer Khan - Umer

“My brother once again sets the bar higher with his melodic licks thumbs up bro keep it up.”

Dave Pruitt - Dave

“Thanks for sharing. I like the first track (Dreamscape). Nice use of the bell. Cheers : Hamish . Brandon did a great job!”

Hamish - Marathon

“HEY - just found ur video......... nice job. sounds good. relaxing.. nice tones... thanks ~”

youtube fan - youtube

“Great Music, your style reminds me one of my favorites guitarrists in the World, Joe Satriani. Definitely gonna listen to more music of yours. ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) \m/Rock On Bro\m/ Greetings from Portugal”

Mr. Leo - Mr.Leo

“a fun collab i got invited to do with a very talented guitarist. check it out! it's Teja's alter ego. ”

Teja - Andrea Teja

“to hear the stuff you have shown me so far, its quite different from what i would expect from you. i like how diverse a musician you have become ”

Aaron - Aaron Bullock

“Sickness as always from one of the best guitarists I ever met.”

Tony DeMilita - Tony

“Wowwwwwww!!! I love it!!!!! I think I just fell in love with you!!!!”

Aero - Aero

“Guitar gets flexed by Brandon Reese, dies after awesome guitar solo”

Bailey Smith - Bailey Smith

“Woo hooo Eddie Van Halen here!!! Awesome Brandon.. Dude you seriously & literally ROCK!!!”

Joyce - Joyce Spencer

“dude you are awesome. i really love your guitar playing”

Rick - Silva

“I will be Spending some studio time with one of my few life friends in the next few weeks and I am greatly honored to be approached with this. Brandon Reese has asked me to perform a small bit for his upcoming Jazz album and here's where everyone should hit the brakes to get to hear this guy. Truly one of the greatest guitarists I have ever known. Keep connected on his updates and stay true everyone!”

Daniel Cragg - Daniel

“I enjoyed listening your music Brandon. Thanks for making great music!! ”

Joyce Spencer - Joyce Spencer

“Check out the new album from one of my good friends Brandon Reese, he is an incredible musician.”

Aaaron. B - Aaron. B

“your awesome!”

Mcall - Ashley

“Nice synth jam - Seriously! I like it.”

Jim - Scim

“I listened to you, your playing on a guitar is magnificent. Madly it is pleasant to me!”

Alexander - Kuzmin

“Bitchen Tune”

Travis - Steinbock

“Great guitar playing ... winner!!!”

Emile - M

“very fascinating stuff, very different”

Aaron - b

“Let me know when you start your next project l love to play on it.”

Dave - Pruitt

“Proud of,you bro! Workin ur butt off man keep on jammin out we need to get together soon! ”

Brandon - Beckwith

“You have some mean guitar skills!”

Teja - Andrea

“Brandon, this is FANTASTIC! Love it, the licks. the riffs, and the sweet funk of it all”

Kafi - Phoenix

“You´re damn good!”

Jessie - Angel

“interesting music”

Jim - Hu

“your track sounds killer”

Sean O’Bryan Smith - FB

“I just listend to that song My Heart Melts on your page, that's pretty damn good. I love the acoustic/electric thing. It's cool!”

Jake - gos

“About time I got to hear George do his thing. Awesome job Brandon.... I'm very impressed!!! ”

“Love ur music”

Chris Aable - ReverbNation

“Nice and relaxing music!! i like it, and the (i think a panflute) is really enjoying”

Ruddd - Youtube

“cooool song man!!! i like it!”

“My Heart Melts. Now that is really, really good! Youre very talented. Im sure u hear that all the time but it is just so true so I have to say it too!”

Mogi - G

“I was on the phone with your Uncle George earlier....I played back the Jan's song....he totally digged it! I also told him you got it posted on YouTube and credited him with the flute solo (title and all)....he said "Well how about that?!" Your Uncle George was really impressed with your music and pleased that he got mentioned too! Thank you Brandon - we are both amazed with your talent! :)”

Sonia - Bea

“I listened to your music for an hour last night. You are REALLY talented. I loved both your Jazz and Rock. You must tell me when you play live.”

Lance - P

“so... i rlly hear that u are feeling the music and make it sound so emotional, this is the track i like the most, perfectly played the song made me remind of joe satriani's tracks if u would have told me he made it, i believed you... honestly i hope u keep on making music like this as you got yourself a fan man!!”

y - Ruud

“Check out my buddy Brandon Reese's music ad. A beast at guitar he most certainly is!"”

Kael - H

“Such a talent you are! I've got my eyes on you”

P.K - FB

“Overall, I think the level of experimentation is great. The diverse amount of styles on the album is great.”

Jesse - D

“Interesting. I liked the tone you used, I would place it more in the soundtrack category”

Jeff - B

“Brandon is a true gift to the ears of music lovers. he has a style of his own that blends blazing fast licks with smooth returns to complicated rythems. You can truly feel the passion and expertise he brings in this recording masterpiece.| Operation Clockwork..... The Panther is out! ”

Jeff - R

“Beautiful music”

Helen - D

“This Is Awesome!!!!”

“This is soulful”

Tony - Comment

“I love track 3 on the cd so far”

Cheyanne - Cheyanne

“Sweet I just Bought it (your album)”

Rick - Rick

“Wow!!! That is some very nice work Brandon!”

Jim - Jim

“Interesting cd, varried but you are a very skilled player.”

David - Comment

"i loveeeeee it!!!! thank u brandonnnnnnnn!!" - Cheyanne

Cheyanne - Comment

“if anything, just having listened to a couple of trax you shared with me ( and i'm grateful for that)....your music really pulled on my heart-strings/emotions.”

Bea - Bea

“i noticed you mix a little classical and jazz with your compositions (and also some metal)...sweet!”

Bea - Bea

“i know good music when i hear it and i like yours”

Yvette - Comment

“i actually enjoy listening to your music, it is refreshing!”

Bea - Bea

“you hit it right on with your song...love it!”

Bea - Bea

“Brandon, this is a waaaay awesome song!!!!”

Bea - Bea

" Thanks to Brandon Reese for his INSANE guitar work on Adverse Axeshun , and I am truly looking forward to working with him again, a true professional! "