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Brandi & Eddie / Press

“Thanks Brandi and Eddie always great to have you out. awesome performance. ”

“Brandi and Eddie have appeared on my songwriter shows several times and always do a fine job and are a pleasure to know and work with!””

“Another group that you Nashville guys are nuts not to sign .. what more could one want .. Forget Kelly Pickler, listen to this lady ...”

“Your song "Boy Like You" Loving the good solid sound in them female vocals. Not the cookie cutter vox of Broadway here! Great performance, great write and the guitar superb! 10 +++++ ”

““Brandi and Eddie are a great performance duo, with lots of energy and stage presence. Eddie is an outstanding guitarist and Brandi's vocals are top notch. I highly recommend them as entertainers and artists.””

““Brandi and Eddie are great people with upbeat, professional attitudes. I find their sound to be very commercial and marketable. I highly recommend their music/services.””

“(You Guys Were Great! Glad I Stuck Around)”

““Brandi and Eddie are a breath of fresh air with their musical talent. I had the pleasure of networking with them on some of my song material. I feel honored to know them. I look forward to hearing their music on all the major radio networks in the near future. If you want to hear great talent then look no further. Tune into their music, sit back and enjoy!!!””

“Your song "Time Goes By" Very nice music and the vocals make sure you don't lose attention till the end of the song.”

“Industry feedback: I listened to your CD and want to complement you on well crafted songs that are well performed. Great ideas, great melodies, great! I think you guys are really onto something. Sabrina Shelfer Creative Director at Ray Stevens Music, Ray’s publishing company.”

Sabrina Shelfer Creative Director at Ray Stevens Music - Ray’s publishing company