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Best of 2014 Staff Lists

Every year around the end of November, conversations start to percolate around the office: “Did you hear…?” “Did you see…?” So, the tradition continues of compiling our favorite albums, songs, moments, or whatever else we dug this year i... Read more.

Hard Rock Rising 2015 — The Global Battle of the Bands Returns to ReverbNation

Last year, over 9,000 Artists from 70 countries competed to perform in front of 40,000 fans in Rome, Italy. Seattle’s Joyfield ended up taking home the grand prize after being hand-selected from the final round of 25 global Artists. Hard... Read more.

Digital Distribution Checklist: Getting Your Release Ready for iTunes, Spotify, an...

Getting your music onto services like iTunes and Spotify is essential to an independent Artist’s complete web presence. We’re proud to offer our Artists a quick and affordable method of digital distribution, and we want to help make sure... Read more.

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