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Jesse Kinch Performs on ABCs Rising Star

“Hes a soft-spoken kid with a huge rocker singing voice, surprising stage presence, and even more surprising sex appeal.” Billboard “This David Cassidy-haired, rock ‘n’ blues belter was the onlytrulymemorable or unique contestant of the... Read more.

High School Nation: Exposing you to the one demographic you cant afford to ignore

If youre an artist who plays frequent shows both in your hometown and on tour, chances are youre mostly playing to a 21+ age group. And usually, this is a good thing for a performer this demographic tends to have more disposable income ... Read more.

Your Facebook Fans Arent Seeing Your Posts: Heres What You Can Do About It

When musician Ryan Trauley logged into Facebook to check the performance of a recent post to his band Oulipos page, the results shocked him. I have 800 fans on my page, but this post I wrote about my show was only seen by 10 people. I do... Read more.

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