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“A Man that knows how to PROTECT his country is a Man that knows how to hold his Passion...”

Guam Sawyer - A Man

“Every moment I am conscious... the ENEMY attacks and sets Snares, and digs Pits that I fall in, I am unworthy to even address the Throne of Righteousness for my oracle is mere Rags”

Guam Sawyer - Rags to Righteousness

“I Struggle with Emotional Stress, I find every situation corroding with DOUBT, we all MUST follow the word of GOD and it's commandants, take up our cross and walk with JESUS”

Guam Sawyer - I NEED YOU

“I was Desperate while in the Office of MERCY..!, I Cried, I Pleed and I Conceived thoughts of the HOLY ONE...!!!”

Guam Sawyer - Change